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Old Barn Furniture Restorer

Old Barn Furniture Restorers by M Llewellyn

Over 25 years experience of traditional hand French Polishing and restoration of antique and modern reproduction furniture.

Carrying on traditional hand polishing methods that have been used for many a year, Martyn is able to transform your piece of antique or modern reproduction furniture into a work of art. The finish obtained on each item is done purely by hand using techniques that have been passed through generations over time, ensuring that this skilled trade continues today.

Perhaps you have an old piece of furniture that needs restoring, or you have a piece of modern furniture that you need to look centuries old, then we can create that look.


  • Traditional French Polishing
  • Restoration of antiques
  • New furniture transformed into looking antique
  • Repair of polished surfaces
  • Various pieces of restored furniture for sale
  • Leather tops and gilding
  • Free quotes on request

Having successfully supplied finished products overseas for many years, Martyn has gained an excellent reputation for providing stunning antique look items and restoration work.

Please come and view our workshop to see the various techniques used, and the finishes achieved. Alternatively contact Martyn Llewellyn on the number below.

Tel: 01603 712672
Mob: 07957 916768

Furniture Restoration
Furniture Restoration
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  • Furniture Restoration

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